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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Citizens for Liberty 19 June 2013 Meeting - Movie Night - The UN Deception

At their June 19, 2013 meeting in Norristown, PA Citizens for Liberty screened the film The UN Deception ( This was followed by an open discussion. Thank you Jackie and Steve Piotrowski. (Just so nobody gets confused they are brother and sister-in-law.)

Video of the meeting (not including The UN Deception which can be seen by clicking on the link above) and discussion after the film:

I brought an old tradition to the meeting. At the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania conventions the Montgomery County Libertarian Party usually hosts a hospitality suite. To enter you have to wipe your feet on the United Nations flag. It goes without saying that we were all happy to wipe our feet (among other things) that night.
Steve Piotrowski
Steve Piotrowski

Jackie Piotrowski

Mark Passio and Barb Marinelli


  1. Considering the founder of the Libertarian movement's father helped define the UN Declaration of Rights, and the original Libertarian Platform is based on it--this looks like anti-Libertarian right-wing lunancy to me.