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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Adam Kokesh Arrested At Smoke Down Prohibition in Washington, DC (video)

Adam Kokesh addressing the crowd in front of the White House shortly before his arrest in Washington, DC
During the Smoke Down Prohibition civil disobedience event, Joint Summit with President Choom, Adam Kokesh was arrested. At first it seemed like the police weren't going to arrest anyone. Then they came back for Adam. He is the host of Adam vs the Man, an Internet news and commentary show.

The police state welcoming committee:


  1. The PTB are trying to rebuild Adam's image as some kind of anti-hero since he got outed as an Obama stooge.

    1. Please explain how doing this helps Prez Choom.

    2. It doesn't help Mr. Choom, but it DOES burnish the image of Adam Kokesh as a liberty loving leader. I haven't decided if he is the real thing or not, but the intentional/unintentional effect of arresting him again is to give him street cred. If Kokesh is the real deal, then he's earning his stripes. If these arrests are a con-game, then we are watching the creation of the 'controlled opposition.'

    3. If Adam wanted to get rich as part of a controlled opposition he would have been careful to keep his job at RT.

  2. after see-ing all the abuse lately from the police and our own government.. I'm starting to think.. maybe Bin laden was trying to save us all.. I'm fucking sick of America and our government.. we need to take back our power.. remember, always remember the 5th of November ;)

  3. To those who send boys to steal and murder for profit:

    When the force of defensive arms are sent to secure profits for a few, sent to places like Fallujah

    Returning to defend instead of attack

    What is the reward for good deeds?

    Who is investing in aggressive wars for profit?

    Who is paying the bills?