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Friday, May 24, 2013

Adam Kokesh Remains Behind Bars, NA Poe Released

NA Poe after his release from federal custody
Philadelphia, PA - After being arrested on Saturday May 18, 2013 liberty activists Adam Kokesh and NA Poe had their detention hearings the following Thursday. NA Poe was released while Adam Kokesh has chosen not to reveal his address to the government for fear of his residence being raided and his belongings taken. For this reason Adam remains in federal custody. He has another hearing scheduled for Tuesday May 28th.

Below is an interview with Poe's girlfriend Rachael Friedmann, who was in the courtroom for the hearing, explaining the situations of both activists:

Both activists were arrested at Smoke Down Prohibition V in which marijuana smokers engage in civil disobedience by smoking said plant in front of Independence Hall. See video of the arrests here

Adam Kokesh is a Marine Corps veteran best known for his Internet show Adam vs the Man.

NA Poe is a Philadelphia, PA activist and one of the hosts of The Panic Hour.

Pictures of the scene outside the federal courthouse during the hearings:


  1. Pass the word to Adam that if he needs a physical address he can use mine:
    bob minarik - 5288 N. 1000 W. rochester, indiana 46975 - 574-542-9065

  2. He can use my address too;

    Santa Claus
    1 Reindeer Lane
    North Pole

  3. Thank you Bob & Santa Clown, but Adam has been released with the charges reduced to the citations he refused to sign at the Smoke Down.