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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Unity at a Peace Rally

Just like the September 11th of nine years ago this year’s was also a perfect late Summer day in West Chester, Pennsylvania. On this sad anniversary of the horrible terrorist attacks I had the pleasure of joining the weekly peace vigil held by United for Peace & Justice.

My libertarian message was well received. The key was explaining that at its core libertarianism is about abolishing the use of all force from human relationships. Every conclusion and policy prescription derives from that principle. This resonated nicely with everyone that I spoke to at the rally. The other participants were quite open minded and asked many good questions.

I encourage all of my fellow liberty minded peace lovers to join rallies such as this one. There is much we can do to help end the imperial wars by working with people who may differ with us on other issues.

Video of the event:

Near the rally, but not participating in it, was Mark Smith, a veteran of many of the same End the Fed rallies as I. He mentioned that the pro-war demonstrators had not taken too kindly to his 9/11 truth message. Unfortunately, as I wanted to talk to them too, the pro-war demonstrators had already held their weekly demonstration and left by the time of the peace rally.

Mark was kind enough to explain his views:


  1. Weekly Peace Vigil
    Weekly Event , Saturdays
    11:00 a.m.
    West Chester, PA USA

  2. Kirk, one of the peace demonstrators in the first video, mentions veterans committing suicide. This article covers that subject:

    The US Soldier Who Committed Suicide After She Refused To Take Part in Torture

  3. On 9/11/10 I was surprised by the silence when I asked where are all the Truthers at. Lol It was awkward but I am a Veteran and I support the troops also. What I don't support is our foreign policy of intervention in the affairs of other countries based on the False Flag Attacks on 9/11. I do not support giving up ANY rights so that the government can protect me from the boogieman the CIA created. Give me a break please. I believe 9/11 was carried out by Israel Mossad, the CIA, and elements of the OIL Mafia just to name a few. I have seen enough evidence to know the official story is the real conspiracy theory. I have a 9/11 play list I assembled on my YouTube channel 4Freedomrider.

    The rEVOLution Lives.

  4. Please join