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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Braving Gun Rights Haters' Nails: Lower Merion Township, PA Family Open Carry Rally (video)

Braving nails placed in the street by our car tires by gun rights haters (one wonders if there is no low they won't stoop to) we protested the fact that Lower Merion, PA won't repeal their local gun ordnance despite the fact that it's in violation of the state's preemption law.

Pictures of guns at the rally that killed no one:

Pictures of signs and other expressions of support:


  1. Excellent event - well done.

  2. Pretty sure that 92% is wrongly counting the Giffords massacre as not in a "gun-free zone". It was.

  3. Thanks to all for being an activists against the tyrants of government. Now is the time to choose one or more in the crowd to run against those in power and replace them with moral people who will follow the Constitution and understand the rights of the people and self ownership.

  4. Just curious, do we have witnesses, photos, videos or statements of the Antis that they placed the nails?

    1. Yes, people were seen lurking around our cars. This was reported to the police.

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  6. guns are very important for self protection. but its misuse need to be eradicate.

  7. watch out for those "screwy" people...they tend to "nail" problems and people "tire" of their issues...