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Sunday, March 16, 2014

PA Gun Rights Haters Show Their Intolerance

A few liberty activists dropped in on a gun rights haters' rally. On a nice Sunday afternoon, March 9, 2014, they had the Team 26 bicycle riders stop at Buckingham, PA near Philadelphia. Here is the reception I received: 
They were angry because the high school where they originally were going to do their rights hating rally at ran them out. They relocated to an out of the way church with no sidewalk on either side of the road. This made a counter-rally impossible. Strangely, they then claimed this constituted our backing down. (See my rebuttal The “Pacifist” Advocates of Violence Lie Again.)

There was no excuse for these people's behavior at the rally. If they had any regard for freedom of speech they wouldn't have interfered with our respectful outreach. Notice how at 0:42 a woman laughs delightedly at the verbal abuse the activist in the red coat is dishing out. It is obvious from the video that many in the crowd agreed with her abusive behavior. Contrast this to the behavior of members of the Brandywine Peace Community when on Good Friday 2011 a libertarian brought a gun to their civil disobedience at Lockheed Martin in King of Prussia, PA. They were outraged but remained civil. Their nonviolence discipline specifically states, "We will observe with co-actors, police, Lockheed Martin employees, and passers-by,
the rules of human courtesy. We will exhibit no violence or hostility - physical or verbal - toward anyone." [emphasis added] The people running the rally can learn from the good folks at the Brandywine Peace Community.

In fairness as I started handing out fliers one woman did say that even though I was on the other side she was glad I was there. She even thanked me for attending. The woman at 2:02 in the video seems puzzled by the spectacle of the red coat insulting me and taking my fliers. Perhaps she wondered, why the intolerance? I ask those of you who oppose gun rights to think about the kind of people you're following. Can you really trust them? Is the behavior you see in the video something you approve of? Don't you think that free speech should be defended rather than attacked? Please don't support these rights destroying groups anymore.

"The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning, but without understanding.”
-- Judge Louis D. Brandeis

A comment on a recurring theme at these kinds of rallies. We hear speakers say over and over that they respect gun rights and don't want to take away good people's guns. Yet we see signs like the one at the top of this article. Isn't a ban taking away people's guns? It is truly amazing that gun rights haters can't see the hypocrisy.
Police cars at the gun haters rally
Speaking of hypocrisy, notice how the red coat in the video threatens to call security. To my mind this was threatening me with force. (I'm sure there wasn't any security she was just making a pathetic attempt to intimidate.) Off camera she said "the police know you're here". Again, the threat of using force against peaceful outreach. Strange that these gun rights haters claim to be the peaceful ones. They claim to be against guns and violence yet they didn't ask the gun toting police to leave. I'm sure the opposite is true, the police were there at their request. Remember that the police are the ones whose job it is to use force and more often to threaten to do so. It isn't consistent with pacifist principles to want armed men who are legally empowered to use force around.

Sometimes law enforcers come up with a good idea. Such is the case with Law Enforcement Against prohibition (LEAP), a group concerned with the war on drugs and neutral on guns. The text of the flier I was handing out is from a page that was, but is no longer, on LEAP's website. Link to text of the flier:

On a humorous note I can now add "parasite" to "disgusting creepy crawly thing" on my activist resume. Keep the insults coming, haters.

The above hate mail was a reaction to this presentation:

In closing, I once again repeat my challenge to debate the gun rights issue. If the gun rights haters are confident that they're right they'll jump at the chance to do so.


  1. Well, of COURSE they won't debate. They have no facts, they have nothing. Which is why they resort to name-calling. On the hierarchy of arguendo, disputing claims with facts is the top of the triangle: debasing an argument by attack one's character is the lowest, most inferior, and least effective means, which is basically an admission that you DON'T HAVE a valid argument.

  2. Isn't it odd how when the Gun Rights Activists use truth and facts, they are instantly degraded to "half-truths and falsehoods"? So does that mean the 'facts and truth' they use are the same thing?

    1. Actually it's most likely this:

      They think they're experts on a subject they know nothing about.

  3. There was 3 incidents of mass knifings in China in the last few years, In the UK they want to ban Knives because of the Stabbing problems they have, plus it happens pretty often in South America as well. Time for people to stop blaming the inanimate objects, the next thing they would be attacking Baseball bats or even rocks.

    1. Tom, you are correct. But here's a demonstration of some of the blindness: After one of the recent knife attacks in China (a man slashed quite a few people in an elementary school), the Chinese government used that as an opportunity to criticize the lax gun laws here in the US. In the UK, if you as much as own a gun for government allowed purposes, you catch a boat load of flak from other people.

  4. Sorry imissed this. I grew up inBuckingham

  5. great job. It's great showing the anti's behaving badly.

  6. They won't debate. Their attitude towards gun owners is not based on the belief that their facts are correct and ours are not. Their cause is JUST, and gun owners are scum, not worthy of having their opinion given and credibility.

  7. The Hatemongers of the "Gun Control" Movement This article by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership links to this blog post. Thank you JPFO.

  8. The bit*h following him around looks like a walking, talking Tu*d. The Joke that called himself security would have landed on his skinny as* if he had confronted me in such a way.