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Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Roadside safety checks are nothing but a revenue generating machine"

These comments on my video "Police State Checkpoint Nullification in Upper Moreland, PA" were so great and informative I had to share them. Thank you TheChuck624:
  • Good job. Roadside safety checks are nothing but a revenue generating machine for the police departments which are too lazy to go out and persue criminals. Your 4th amendment rights went right down the toilet when states allowed these "check points" to happen. More people should protest these. When they are conducted where I live, the police never catch drunk drivers but write up 1,000's dollars in B.S tickets.
  • Darren Wolfe
    Thanks for the great comment.
  • TheChuck624
    No problem. I was part-time cop some 20 years ago just doing it to make a little money on the side and getting an idea if I wanted to pursue a full time job. What I found was nothing but a bunch of small town politics and small town politicians expecting the department to go out and generate revenue to support the infrastructure. I got the stink-eye more than once for writing warnings rather than issueing citations and certain (important) people were off-limits.
  • TheChuck624
    Cont. - We were criticized for putting too many miles on the cars, assisting with ambulance calls and checking for locked doors in the local businesses. All the board wanted us to do was sit on our butt and write frivolous tickets out to people who were simply just trying to get by. I never took part in one of the farce road-side safety checks, I declined when they were mentioned. After a short period I quit the force because of this B.S.

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