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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tea Party Visits Occupy Philadelphia (video)

Must see video of the press conference:

On November 27, 2011 the Liberate Philadelphia Tea Partiers held a press conference at the Occupy Philadelphia site. It didn't go well for them. They were joined by the local, conservative radio talk show host, and advocate of torture, Dom Giordano. (He's the man interviewed in the second half of the video linked above. He can be seen defending torture in this video from earlier this year: )

Local news coverage of the event:


  1. The press conference went entirely as expected. Just as Occupy has shouted down nearly every Republican candidate, they shouted down citizens expressing a different view. This video makes that clear, for all the pubic to see. Occupy is "what democracy looks like" -- in hell!

  2. Anonymous,

    I have to respectfully disagree. The Tea Partiers were calling for the mayor to send in the cops to shut down Occupy Philly. They weren't there to have a dialogue. I'd have reacted badly to them too.


  4. Anonymous,

    The problem is also the fact that we leave security in the hands of the state. Someone like Cameron make fools of themselves when they say they are for liberty yet support the police. The answer is to go over to a system of private security on private streets & roads:

    Drug Prohibition: Law Enforcement Is The Problem

  5. Since I was there, I think I can speak definitively to what took place. The Liberate Philadelphia coalition of tea parties, held which includes many Ron Paul supporters by the way,a scheduled press conference on public property to meet with the media about continued Occupy actions that have cost Philadelphia taxpayers over $1 million to date. It was not a counterprotest or rally to confront Occupy.

    Although some Occupiers supported our constitutional right to assemble and speak at City Hall, a vocal minority of Occupiers, including several obvious anarchists decked out in bandanas and masks, attempted to shout us down and push us out. If you favor the right of citizens to reasonably assemble and speak their piece on the city commons, it's unclear why you would oppose a 15-minute press conference at City Hall. In that case, you're position is like the Occupiers' who favor the first amendment, except when they don't. Apparently the Occupiers believe they have a right to assemble and speak for 6 weeks at City Hall in violation of their permit allowing assembly only from 7 am to 7 pm, but no one else has a right to assemble there in accordance with applicable ordinances.

  6. Joe,

    The Tea Partiers were there advocating that the cities thugs remove the Occupiers. As far as I'm concerned there is no such thing as public property. If the govt claims to own something it is in reality ownerless. There's nothing wrong with camping out on ownerless land. Therefore, there is no moral validity to the permit, only the superior force the police have to impose their will.

    I have no problem with people doing press conferences. However, nobody is going to react well to someone else advocating sicking goons on them. That press conference, given what it supported, was a provocation & if you're honest you'll admit it.

    Now if you want to knock the occupiers do it for a good reason as I did in:

    Occupy Philadelphia: The Kick That the Left Really Needed