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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Police Brutality Protest, West Chester, PA (video)

Braving the one-hundred degree heat, and looking like Brave Heart, Michael Heise lead a group that protested the brutal macing, arrest, & abuse of four young men on July 3 by the West Chester, PA police. He tells the sad story of what happened that night in this video.

All was going fine at the protest until the police stepped in to stop the bullhorning. See it for yourself:

In another video the same cop says that the 1st Amendment doesn't apply to bull horns. He says this at 11:50:


  1. Police brutality is one of the worst breaches of trust there is.They take a solemn oath to protect the people.I think it is cowardly when they use the power of the badge to abuse people and violate their rights.Very shameful behavior that needs to be dealt with.It is a stain on police officers,especially those who follow the law !!!

  2. Godfirst,

    Thanks for the comment. My own view is that govt police forces are a flawed institution. We need to move to private security arrangements. Even the occasional good cop is still part of a bad system.

  3. How can you be both a libertarian and an Objectivist?