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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Focus on Peace at The Seventh Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair

The Focus on Peace trip to New York City for The Seventh Annual Brooklyn Peace Fair 2011 was a great success. From our table we got a large number of fliers and other literature out. Our message was well received by most attendees and fellow exhibitors. I was interviewed on camera twice.

Support for Focus on Peace continues to grow. Veronica Nunn of Brooklyn for Peace  wrote in an email "I looked at your website and I really like what the group is doing. There are quite a few people that are very turned off by the extreme left approach to peace.".

Joan Wile of Grandmothers Against the War  wrote a comment to an article she also wrote stating her support for the Focus on Peace concept:

Reply: Focus on Peace -- Drop other Issues
I totally agree, Darren. I get so frustrated when at a rally, for instance, speakers bring up unconnected controversial issues that turn people off who otherwise are dedicated to ending the wars. It's certainly a problem, and I'm appreciative that you brought it up.
by Joan Wile (5 fans, 44 articles, 0 quicklinks, 3 diaries, 48 comments [28 recommended]) on Sunday, Apr 17, 2011 at 10:23:14 PM
A local Green Party leader wrote on a mailing list:
One of my Leftist Friends questioned how to bring in
people from other political persuasions to the
Anti-war movement because "they don't agree with us
on other issues". My feeling is that is why the anti-war movement
has had thirty years of fragmentation, marginalization,
and dissolution. The last March on Washington
I attended featured fifteen other issues, including a few I
disagreed with. That was over five years ago.
I decided they could stop the war without me.
Enjoy the video and pictures of the Peace Fair:

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