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Monday, November 22, 2010

End the Fed Rally in Philadelphia, November 20, 2010 (video and pictures)

This was definitely the best End the Fed rally we've put on so far! Turn you back on the Fed (Federal Reserve System) was the theme. Thousands of fliers were distributed, many more saw the signs and heard the message of liberty. Oh, and we had fun too.

Let's start  with a picture and a thought for future rallies. The two people in the picture below had a great idea about the Fed and bubbles:

They said the bubbles they were blowing symbolized the bubble economy the Fed created with its inflation. A brilliant idea! Perhaps that could be the theme of a future rally.

Enjoy the video and pictures below:


  1. Are the following two links of interest ??

    The economic scheme imposed by the Federal Reserve is a self-destructive Ponzi scheme predestined to inherent national bankruptcy. Any Ponzi scheme, including the Fed, cannot survive downsizing (or deflation). Ref: QE2-A Rational course of action ??,
    And Rip-off by the Federal Reserve,

  2. It was good seeing you again Darren. I like your Blog! END THE FED---FREEEEDOMMMMM!

  3. Hi Nicole, thanks, it was great seeing you again too. I invited a few communists for you but they didn't show. Too bad. LOL


    Thanks for the links. Have you seen "Creature from Jekyll Island 1 of 12"?