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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

FIJA Activist Julian Heicklen Busted Again in NY, 8/4/2010

This time it started out differently. Adam Mueller and Pete Eyre from Liberty on Tour were there with Antonio Musumeci (otherwise known as "Bile" for his blog, Blog of Bile) and, of course, Julian Heicklen.

As you will see in the videos things started out peacefully with the feds studiously ignoring us as Julian started handing out the Fully Informed Jury Association pamphlets. We did an interview with Pete Eyre. I even started to speculate that maybe they were done trying to arrest Julian. No such luck. One of the officers, as he walked past me while the camera was off, said, "get the camera rolling things are about to start".

In a telephone conversation later Julian stated that he was released from the hospital unharmed. He also said that technically he wasn't arrested, just shipped off in the ambulance.

The video of the same event filmed by Pete Eyre can be seen here.

Julian's latest progress report on the day:

Hi Tyranny Fighters:

1. FIJA demonstration of 8–4-10

I arrived at the U. S. District Courthouse in Manhattan at 11:30 am. It was a warm and sunny day. At the outskirts of federal property I met Adam Mueller and Peter Eyre from Liberty on Tour. Also there were bile and Darren Wolfe. All four were there to videotape the proceedings.

After some preliminary discussion we moved to the courtyard of the District Courthouse at 11:45 am. I distributed the American Jury Institute pamphlet “True or False: Factual Information about Jury Service” along with my flyer. Peter Eyre also distributed some of these. Officers Sargent Sullivan and another Federal Service Marshall were there when we arrived. Altogether we distributed about 35 pamphlets.

At 12:06 pm, there were 3 police officers present. At 12:15 pm Sargeant Sullivan and officer Valentin approached me and asked me to move off federal property. I refused. Each of them grabbed one of my arms and took my Jury Info sign and remaining pamphlets. I was not placed under arrest nor given a citation. It was an undisguised assault and robbery. I fell to the ground. I lay still, did not move a muscle, nor utter a sound. None of the other of my four accomplices were forced off the property, and none were given citations. One police officer encouraged Darren to start rolling his camera when the action was about to start.

The police called Emergency Medical Service of the NY City Fire Department to send an ambulance. I was placed on a stretcher at 12:25 pm and put into the ambulance. On the way to the hospital, two medics examined me, but I gave no response. We arrived at the NY City Downtown Hospital at 12:35 pm, and I was carried on a stretcher into the emergency ward.

I still uttered no sound nor moved a muscle. The hospital staff applied painful pressure to my chest in order to get me talk. Also a large object was place in my mouth with the intention of forcing it down my throat, but it was too large to get into my jaw. Then I was tickled by a small fine brush on my lips, nostrils, and left cornea. Still I did not move or talk.

Finally Dr. Rubinstein, an intern, begged me to talk, so I did at 1:10 pm. I said that I was all right and wanted to be discharged. He said that I would have to answer some questions, but I informed him that I was exercising my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. He asked for my name, but I refused to divulge it.

He left me and talked with some other staff. He said that I would be discharged. He filled out some paperwork authorized by the attending Physician Antonio Dajer. Dr. Rubinstein admonished me that the Emergency Medical Service was intended only for sick people. I responded that he should so inform the Federal Protective Service. I signed the discharge paper as John Galt and left at 1:30 pm.
2. George Donnelly Trial, August 26, 2010

The response to my query about what activity to plan for the trial of George Donnelly was sparse. However those that did respond said that any of my proposals would be acceptabe to them. I will be out of town from August 6–25, so will not be involved directly in the planning. However Jim Babb has agreed to plan and coordinate activities. If you have any idea or questions contact him.

3. LWRN Radio Program
I have been invited to host a weekly 1-hour show on web radio station LWRN. Starting sometime in September, we will have a Tyranny Busters broadcast. Actual air time is 45 minutes, because of LWRN announcements and advertising. bile has agreed to be the producer and I will start as the host. We have been given a free hand to cover freedom issues. However there are some FCC restrictions on political candidates appearing alone free for 45 days before the election.

Now we have to decide on content. I am suggesting a number of possibilities and asking for your opinions on each of them or some not mentioned below:

1. A 15-minute segment on one of our constitutional freedom issues: jury nullification, free speech and assembly, freedom to own firearms, constitutional trials, privacy rights, legalizing drugs and other consensual acts involving mentally-competent adults, income tax abolition, reduction of prison population, reform the prisons.
2. A 15-minute segment involving important but controversial issues such as abortion, the death penalty, foreign policy, regulating interstate commerce, environmental problems, private vs. public schools, eminent domain, etc. Debate between to opposing individuals.
3. 15 minutes devoted to freedom activities and movements around the county and suggestion for additional activities. Strategy and policy reports.
4. The structure of these segments. Possibilities are:
1. one host alone
2. one host interviewing 1 or 2 guests
3. one guest being interviewed by 1 or 2 hosts
4. suggestions for hosts and guests

4. Future Plans

Friday, August 6, 2010, at 8:00 am at the Tampa Federal Courthouse, 801 N. Florida Avenue. Tampa, FL 3362–3800

Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 6:30 pm, Jury Nullification Conference, Piccadilly Meeting Facility, 5950 Ramona Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL

Monday, August 23, 2010 at 11:45 am–1:15 pm at the U. S. District Courthouse, 101 West Lombard Street, Baltimore MD 21201-2605.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010, at 8:00 am–9:30 am at the U. S. District Courthouse, 401 Courthouse Square, Alexandria VA 22314-5704

Tuesday, August 24, 2010, at 11:45 am–1:15 pm at the U. S. District Courthouse, 333 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington DC 20001

Wednesday, August 25, 2010, at 11:45 am–1:15 pm at the U. S. District Courthouse, 50 Walnut Street, Newark NJ 07102

Thursday, August 26, 2010, George Donnelly trial at the U. S. District Courthouse in Allentown, PA

5. Financial needs
Our FIJA outreach program has ballooned beyond my wildest expectations. One problem that this poses is financial. The costs are now exceeding our financial capabilities. You can help alleviate this problem by making donations to the following:

George Donnelly legal defense fund. George was arrested in Allentown and charged with misdemeanor assault, even though he was the victim of the assault. (Your federal government at work) He faces a possible extensive prison sentence. He is trying to raise $15,000 for anticipated legal fees to defend himself. Please send him a donation. Go to the web page below to make a donation through PayPal at

Also the American Jury Institute (FIJA) expenses will be mounting. You can help by joining the American Jury Institute, or just making a donation. Its web page is at

Mike Benoit has written a book entitled “Sham and Shame of the Federal Income Tax.” You can purchase it directly from him for five dollars. His E-mail address is in the header of this E-mail.

Warning: You should know that The Federal Protective Service, and possibly the FBI, is intercepting my e-mails. Another violation of our civil liberties. Be prudent if you write to me.



Yours in freedom—Julian


  1. The Declaration of Independence is the organic law of the land and its main tenet that “all men are created equal” means that no person or group of people, including some group named “government”, may ever initiate force or fraud against any other person or group of people. That is the basis of a crime - a victim and a perpetrator. All federal regulation is based upon the threat of initiatory force and is, therefore, crime.
    The Constitution was adopted to form a gov’t under the rule of the Declaration of Independence. The gov’t under the rule of the Constitution must uphold the tenet that “all men are created equal”.
    The gov’t and its owners all know this - it’s time for all Americans to re-establish our sovereignty. Here’s what’s going on in this country.
    The gov't went bankrupt in the 1930's as is evidenced by the correlation between the United States Code (USC) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR): title 11 USC, "Bankruptcy", is implemented by title 11 CFR, "Federal Elections". You are simply voting for a bankruptcy "administration".
    However, bankrupting the federal gov't wasn't enough to make Americans pay the interest on the FED's counterfeit money loans to the gov't. Sovereignty lies with the individual American, not the gov't. This is because the Declaration of Independence is the organic law of the land and its first tenet is that "all men are created equal". The Constitution has to support that tenet at all times. Since the individual is sovereign, the federal gov't has only been granted jurisdiction over foreign commerce, interstate commerce, and trade with the Indians by Article I, section 8 of the Constitution.
    To get around all of the chains that the Constitution imposes on the federal gov't, Social Security was created to destroy American sovereignty. The "Form SS-5" that an applicant uses to apply for a S.S.# is actually a federal employment form. After all, only a federal employee is liable for federal employment taxes. You know the name of the federal employee - the "taxpayer". "Taxpayer" is a legal term defined at 26 CFR 2.1-1(a)(5) as a member of the Merchant Marine - a federal employee. 26 CFR 2.1-1(b) states that this is the definition of the term as used throughout the Code and the regulations for all calculation of taxes.
    So by applying for a S.S.# an American has given away all sovereignty and become a slave to the federal gov't.
    The FBI is one of the many federal alphabet agencies created during the 1930’s when the FED bankrupted the federal government. The only people over which the FBI has jurisdiction is set out in title 28 U.S.C. section 535, “Investigation of crimes involving Government officials and employees; limitations”, as government officials and employees. There is no section of law that grants the FBI any investigative jurisdiction over sovereign Americans. An American has given up all sovereignty when applying for a Social Security number by becoming a federal employee and, therefore, subject to the FBI’s investigative powers.
    I have evidenced the entire Social Security Scam on my Blog at

  2. Liberty On Tour posted an excellent video with commentary on the incident: