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Monday, July 5, 2010

Tell Me Again, Who Can’t Film on Federal Property?

Many times liberty activists handing out information for the Fully Informed Jury Association have been told that they can’t film federal property by the US Marshals and other law enforcement officers at the US District courthouse in lower Manhattan, New York City. Here are some examples of this federal anti-liberty behavior:

In Philadelphia, PA there have been attempts to shut down filming of the pamphleteering too:

Allentown, PA is where the worst incident happened. The US Marshals actually arrested and charged George Donnelly. I’d show you the video but the feds kept it. (I wonder what they’re hiding.)

Things sure are different at the US District courthouse at 500 Pearl St in NYC when they want the public to see a juicy criminal coming or going. There was plenty of filming when con artist extraordinaire Bernard Madoff was there:

When Faisal Shahzad, the suspect in the failed Times Square bombing plot, was there there were many cameras rolling:

Look at all those cameras at the courthouse in the last two videos. Isn’t it interesting how the federal government is happy to allow filming there when they want coverage? When liberty activists show up, handing out jury nullification information, suddenly, there’s no filming allowed.

This is clearly a case of the federal agents wanting to shut down activists handing out information they don’t want people to know about. They also may not want us filming Julian Heicklen’s arrests in case something goes wrong we won’t have evidence of their abuse. Additionally, they may realize that they look pretty thuggish busting Julian for pamphleteering. Whatever their reasons this double standard has got to stop. Liberty activists have the same rights as the main stream media to cover events happening at this courthouse. The next time a US Marshal says "no filming on federal property" we’ll all know he’s lying. Even Department of Homeland Security policy allows filming of federal buildings. Let the cameras roll!

I invite readers to put links in the comments section to other examples of filming on federal property. Thank you.


  1. Thanks, Darren, right on the money. And eff the state and their arbitrary 'laws'. Laws?

    Arbitrary and convenient laws... wasn't that something that Stalinist Russia had? :)

  2. Thx for the comment, Maggie. It's as Jefferson said, " is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."

    These bastard hired thugs with guns seem to arrest innocent people just as much as the black robed devils hand out jail sentences like candy. WHAT IN THE HAS HAPPENED?
    Hitler would be proud of these brain dead nazies who harm the citizens at will under the color of law. BULLSHIT. THESE THUGS ARE NOT ONLY CRIMINALS THEMSELVES, BUT TRAITORS. I bet anything that none of these thugs even know what the 1st amendment of their state constitution is. Wanna bet?

  4. "It is almost impossible to enlighten someone to the truth when their pay checks depend on them not knowing the truth."

  5. The power of the judge or prosecutor over the jury is in direct proportion to the jury’s ignorance.

    Red Beckman

  6. On the subject of filming:

    Just Making It Up As They Go Along

    Via Radley Balko, Carlos Miller from Photography Is Not A Crime, and Stretch Ledford, a veteran photojournalist currently pursuing a Masters degree in Multimedia Journalism at the University of Miami School of Communication, decided to do a test. After speaking with the head of security of the Miami Metrorail, they planned to take their cameras aboard a train and go three stations to see what would happen.